As more and more people are traveling to and from DIA, there's a greater need for more room. The airport's gate expansion project hopes to remedy that.

On Tuesday, May 29, Denver International Airport broke ground on its $1.5 billion gate expansion project, which will add more gates to each concourse in order to maintain its growing capacity for passengers. An addition of 39 gates is expected to be added, bringing the total number to 150. Concourse A-West will have 12 new gates, while B-West will have four, B-East will have seven, and C-East will have 16. [gallery type="rectangular" size="large" ids="37667,37666,37664"] All of the gates should be operational by spring 2021, with B-West's four gates opening by 2020. The project will also bring in more concessions and outdoor patio areas, according to DIA, as well as changes to the ticket counters, drop-off curbs, and a new security system.
When DIA was first built in the 1990s, it was able to maintain up to 50 million passengers every year. In 2017, the airport saw roughly 58 million. So the extra gates are sorely needed. "We're seeing that trend line simply go up, and so we have to match that by making physical investments in the structure on the ground, not only in the gates, but also in the terminal, on the roads and bridges we're responsible for maintaining," said a spokesman for the airport. Once the gate expansion project is complete, the airport could handle up to 85 million passengers a year. Many critics have argued that by accommodating more passengers every year, this will not only bring in more people but will create longer lines for security. DIA officials are in the process of finalizing a plan to remedy this, by upgrading the train systems -- the $160 million plan would replace 16 train cars and add 10 new ones. What do you think? Will the gate expansion project help with the influx of passengers DIA has been servicing lately? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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