An MBA Can Take Any Career to New Heights

In today's ever-changing career landscape, it's beneficial to cross-pollinate your industry with knowledge from a different course of study. For example, a degree in journalism with a deep knowledge of political science can create better reports based around current events and world-wide issues. Pair an art history degree with studies in finance and you'll have a gallery owner who knows how to sustain their business.

For local veterinarian Alex Robb, getting his Master of Business Administration from the University of Denver's Daniels College of Business proved beneficial in many ways. It may seem odd to combine animal healthcare with a degree in business, but for Alex, it was all about looking toward the future.

alex robb mba daniels college of business

Alex currently works as a senior associate veterinarian and his reason for pursuing an MBA was owed to his vision of one day running a large, successful healthcare organization. Knowing the ins and outs of the healthcare system along with dialed-in business acumen will no doubt get him to where he wants to be as his career progresses.

When asked why he chose the University of Denver over Colorado State and the University of Colorado, it all came down to DU's much-heralded reputation and the impressive MBA program which afforded him the flexibility to put his focus on healthcare administration. Adding to the mix his degree and career as a veterinarian, he was in good company at DU. 

As intense the study of animal sciences is known to be, combined with the rigorous teachings of today's advanced business courses, no one should be surprised if they see Alex's name on the walls of a successful healthcare organization. To those who are looking to advance their career in the healthcare world, you may be working for or alongside Alex one day, so consider preparing your future accordingly with an MBA program.

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