If the Denver City Council approves the proposal, visitors to the Denver Zoo will have to pay a bit extra to get in. A committee will be held on April 2 to determine the potential admission hike.

Price of admission at the Denver Zoo may be increasing, as much as 14 percent. Zoo officials announced on Wednesday, March 21, that they're in need of the extra money to maintain their daily operating expenses, including repairs and renovations, better food for the animals, and a pay increase for the zoo's staff. But before the increase occurs, the Denver City Council must decide on whether or not to pass the proposed admission hike. The committee will be held on April 2. If it passes, then visitors should expect prices to increase as soon as late April or early May.
Adult tickets would increase from $17 to $20; children's from $12 to $14; seniors from $14 to $17; and children 3 and under would still get in for free. This potential increase would make it the zoo's first since 2014. What do you think? Do you think the price increase is uncalled for? Is it too much of a hike? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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