DIA's Concourse B is about to get a lot tastier with the addition of more than six new restaurants. Though, they won't be opening until mid-2019.

The Denver City Council recently approved leases for several new restaurants at DIA's Concourse B. This comes after the airport had a major restaurant overhaul to its Concourse A last year. Among the restaurants opening in the concourse's second-floor mezzanine are Shake Shack (are you guys sick of hearing about it yet? 'Cause we are.), Snooze, Great Divide Brewing, Qdoba, Jamba Juice, Peet's Coffee, Osteria Marco, among others. "A lot of our concepts at the airport are all about showing the best of Denver and the best of Colorado," said Patrick Heck, DIA's chief commercial officer. [caption id="attachment_35440" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]restaurants Courtesy of DIA[/caption]
Now, we're unsure of exactly when travelers will be able to expect these new dining spots to open up, but they likely won't until 2019. Though, some may pop up by the end of this year! So we highly suggest you stay updated by visiting DIA's website or Facebook page. In the meantime, see why the airport ranked No. 1 for the best airport food in the country! What do you think? Which of the new restaurants are you excited to try out? Let us know in the comments below.

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