Extend Your Network 

There's a reason Bill Gates always makes it known that he's not the smartest person in the room. Then again, that's all about how you define 'smart'. Is he the best coder at Microsoft? Probably not. Is he the best person to navigate international tax law? Probably not. What he is exceptionally good at, though, is his ability to channel his passion and motivate others through his soft leadership skills. 

That's not to detract from his genius. The Harvard drop-out definitely possesses some serious technical know-how, but it's difficult to motivate people and appease investors solely by speaking Altair BASIC -- Microsoft's original coding language. 

So what exactly is it that we should learn from Gates? Apart from his outspoken belief in innovation, he learns from others and values his employees' opinion. Gates was once quoted as saying, "Microsoft is not about greed. It's about innovation and fairness" -- leadership soft skill keyword being 'fairness' -- and that "My whole business education started the day I met Warren Buffet".

But the reality is, most of us don't have the 'Oracle of Omaha' on speed dial, don't have the influence of Gates, or frankly don't know where to begin. And as it turns out we don't really need that -- you can work on your soft skills by beginning to listen to your employees and collaborating with other business leaders.

Collaborating with business leaders, however, can prove to be very difficult. Everyone is competing for their time, that's why if you're serious about improving your business, the best way to go about it is to attend one workshop with the Daniels College of Business Executive Education program. Here, you can take what you've read about Gates, collaborate with local business leaders, and get some direction from some of DUs most innovative business professors. 

“The program was a great blend of business tactics – strategy, alignment, execution - with personal soft skills and leadership development. I loved the mix of professors, topics and activities outside the classroom. It was well-balanced and well thought out." said one attendee of the 2018 Daniels College of Business Denver Leadership Experience. 

For more information, check it out on Daniels' website here

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