Having just opened in October of 2017, The Bindery is still fairly new to Denver’s bustling LoHi restaurant scene.

Still, the feeling you get from walking in the front door is somehow the same one that comes from walking into a familiar neighborhood spot. Perched right on the corner of 18th and Central Street, the restaurant is nestled into the perfect spot to capture plenty of natural light through its floor-to-ceiling glass walls that look out onto a patio with a great view of the city and Riverfront neighborhood.

The smell of freshly baked bread will hit you right away, as The Bindery doubles as a marketplace with sleek front counter stocked with a full array of deli items, beverages, and baked goods that will make your mouth water. The concept itself was masterminded by Chef and Owner Linda Hampsten Fox. Hampsten Fox describes her vision behind the combination eatery, bakery, and marketplace as a sort of culmination of her 15-year cooking career.

As the website states, the goal is to “establish the tradition of small crafted quality within one of the hippest neighborhoods in our country’s fastest growing city.” After spending an evening there, it’s safe to say Fox’s project does just that.

If you choose -- as we did -- to dine in, you will not be disappointed. We were greeted warmly by staff who chatted with us comfortably as they navigated us to our table. Luckily for us, it was a Wednesday, which meant all bottles of wine were offered for half-off the price. (We did not hesitate to take advantage of this.)

When it came time to order food, we had plenty of options. The seasonal selection of hand-crafted plates is one that will make your mouth water. From unique small plates to the hand-made pasta dishes, every item on the menu stands out. We chose to start with the Burrata Napoletana and the branched out with the Smoked Rabbit Pecan Pie. Both plates treated us to fresh and rich flavors that you’d rarely find anywhere else in LoHi.

Next up was the Ajo Blanco for a first-time dabble with gazpacho soup. Then, for the main course: the Lemon Risotto and the Coffee & Ancho Chili Rubbed Short Ribs. Yes, these were not your mother’s short ribs. Again, each dish was elegantly plated and masterfully designed to highlight unique flavors that The Bindery prides itself on honing. And finally, we treated ourselves to a dessert -- the Chocolate Cake topped with a basil gelato that we left still talking about.

All in all, it was an excellent way to spend an evening dining out in LoHi. Linda Hampsten Fox has graced the corner of 18th and Central Street with a unique spot that you will certainly want to check out.

You can receive 20 percent off your entire bill at the Bindery during September if you're a member of Denver’s Feast Locally program!