For several weeks, the Denver Zoo has been buzzing with Charlotte the sloth's pregnancy news. And now they've announced the baby sloth's arrival!

Get ready to fall in love! The Denver Zoo has released photos and video of their newborn baby sloth, and we just can't get enough! Because sloth pregnancies can vary in length, zookeepers hadn't known exactly when to expect the baby's birth, roughly estimating an arrival any time before the end of February. The baby -- the firstborn for Linnaeus's two-toed sloths Charlotte Greenie, 21, and Elliot, 27 -- arrived on Sunday, January 28. It is healthy and doing well. The gender and name have not yet been announced. [embed][/embed]
The mommy and baby sloths will be pretty much inseparable over the next six months, but they will be on display in the Bird House of the zoo beginning Thursday, should you want to stop by and get a peek. The zoo does warn, however, that it can't guarantee good visibility of the baby, depending on where the pair are hanging out within the habitat. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="32861,32860"] Native to South America rainforests, Linnaeus's sloths are nocturnal, spending up to 20 hours sleeping per day. That translates to lots of cuddle time for this mommy and sweet baby! What do you think? Is the baby sloth a male or female? And what do you think the zoo should name it? We'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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