Go on an adventure with a horde of elves, gnomes, and other mythical creatures hidden throughout the Denver Museum of Nature & Science!

Are you ready for an adventure, Denver? Apparently, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is so much more than fossils and dioramas. Who knew, right? There are elves -- or gnomes, or leprechauns, depending on who you talk to -- just hanging around the museum. If you already know all about the elves, well, good for you. I guess you don't need to keep reading then. Or, I mean, you can if you really want to. Don't let us tell you what to do ... (Do it and you're cool!)
Kent Pendleton, the artist behind the backgrounds for a majority of the exhibits, wanted to leave his mark. Pendleton told The Denverite, "It was just kind of my own little private joke. The first one was so small that hardly anyone could see it, but it sort of escalated over time, I guess. Some of the museum volunteers picked up on it and it developed a life of its own." See if you can find an elf riding a dinosaur's back. An elf hidden among the trees. Another elf perched on a rock. And others, which might be harder to spot in the museum's backdrops, but they're definitely there. [caption id="attachment_36236" align="aligncenter" width="650"]elves Courtesy of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science[/caption] The Denver Museum of Nature & Science even has a scavenger hunt guidebook for those hoping to catch a peek at the little creatures. You can print your own or pick one up at the information desk in the entryway of the museum. Just a heads up: there are more elves around the museum than the guidebook tells you -- nine are listed. According to the museum's communication and media relations manager, the number is double that. So, even if you use the guidebook, know that there are a couple undocumented elves hanging around.
What do you think? How many of the elves (or gnomes or leprechauns) have you spotted at the museum? And if you find some that aren't listed in the guidebook, share your results with us in the comments below! Best of luck!

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