Podcasts are a great thing ... until they have you sleeping with a light on.

Most of us can agree that we adore a good podcast. You can listen to just about anything with little hassle -- unless your WiFi decides to have a tiff, that is. In honor of Halloween, here are some top podcasts that will require one (or more) lights to be kept on.

1. "Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked" (Click Here to Listen)

Courtesy of Spooked Podcast (Facebook)

We have all heard a scary story or two in our day, but we can accept it as just that: a story. However, this podcast makes those stories a little too real for its listeners by giving people the opportunities to talk about their own real-life supernatural experiences -- from haunted homes to curses. Soooo, good luck trying not to second-guess every noise your home makes!

2. "Sword and Scale" (Click Here to Listen)

Courtesy of Sword and Scale (Facebook)

You can always reassure yourself that ghosts, demons, zombies, witches, and the rest of the supernatural gang don't really exist. But you can't argue away the horrors that humans commit every day. Along with the hosts, you'll explore horrifying crimes and the dark minds behind the people that committed them. Oh -- and here's a friendly reminder from us to always lock your door, though we doubt you'll need the reminder after listening to this!

3. "The NoSleep Podcast" (Click Here to Listen)

Courtesy of The NoSleep Podcast (Website)

This podcast on our list is aptly named, so we're sorry in advance for any sleep lost! You'll hear the original horror fiction that people have submitted. And you'll have the creepy music and great cast of voices to thank for doubting that every shadow in the corner of your eye is just a shadow. 

Would you tune in to these podcasts? Are there any other scary podcasts you would recommend? Drop us a comment below!