There's something so satisfying about watching someone react to a song, show, or movie that you love. Here are four completely addictive YouTube channels devoted to people simply watching and reacting to things. Proceed at your own risk!

Have you ever noticed how fun it is to watch someone watching your favorite movie? Even if it's just out of the corner of your eye, you make sure they laugh at all the appropriate places—it's human nature! This is the general concept behind these four uber-popular YouTube channels

Lost in Vegas

Watching these two guys react to all sorts of music is an absolute timesuck. Despite their self-proclaimed preferences for R&B, they feature everything from country to heavy metal on their channel. They started out as a podcast, and their YouTube channel has hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

They really go in-depth with their thoughts on the music and lyrics in a very open-minded way. Songs they love end up on their infamous playlist which is slowly expanding week by week. One of my favorite of their videos is this one, where they discover some mad respect for a classic Kenny Rogers ballad:

Irish People Try

The mothership of this channel has a ton of different options but my favorite videos are the ones featuring Irish people trying food for the first time. They sample everything from alcoholic beverages to national specialties. For some reason, their accents and over-the-top reactions are utterly relatable, and they don't hold anything back.

Here's a video about how much they liked their first taste of Krispy Kreme doughnuts:

Cholos Try

This may be one of the least PC channels in this roundup, so expect to hear a bunch of beeping out of choice words. Their charm lies in their total disregard for what everyone else likes—they know they've never had vegan treats, and they really don't give a flying you-know-what.

If you have the time, check out some of their longer videos where they try things like life on the farm. They really immerse themselves in their trial experiences and it's so refreshing to see their unfiltered opinions. If you like their channel, their parent channel, Mitú, also does a series called Cholas Try, and they're JUST as hilarious. Make sure you watch their efforts at a nude sketching class!

Here's what the Cholos thought of kale chips and kombucha:

Kids React 

If cute kids are your thing, you'll love this channel. They don't know the meaning of the term "verbal filter," and they have opinions on everything from music to food here. You should see what they think of Queen and Freddy Mercury! 

Watching them discover Guns 'n' Roses in this video is especially endearing. 

If you want to try to find your own favorite music reaction channels, try searching for reactions to the Disturbed cover of Sound of Silence. That's one of the most famous topics that most channels cover at one point or another.

So how about it? Are you ready to fall down the reaction channel rabbit hole? What are some of your favorite reaction YouTubers? Let us know in the comments!

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