This is why the brand is iconic.

If you were asked to describe American culture, Chevrolet – among things like baseball, apple pie, football, and hot dogs – is probably one of the first things to come to mind. And rightfully so, because they've made some legendary automobiles that not only have allowed us to roam our vast network of highways, they've been mentioned in hundreds, if not thousands, of songs over the decades, thus earning their spot in American culture. Songs like these are the reason why we love our bow-ties, whether we know it or not: 

"American Pie" by Don McLean

"So bye-bye, Miss American Pie.
Drove my Chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry.
And them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
Singin’, "
this’ll be the day that I die."

This is the first song everyone thinks of, and while it's a fantastically written piece that we could listen to all day, we had to get it out of the way. (We apologize in advance for getting this stuck in your head.)

"Dare To Be Stupid" by Weird Al

"Settle down, raise a family, join the P-T-A
Buy some sensible shoes and a Chevrolet
And party 'till you're broke and they drive you away
It's OK, you can dare to be stupid"

We just had to include this in here because it has such an 80s avant-garde magnetism to it, and you guessed it – they mention a Chevy.  

"Little Red Corvette" by Prince

"Little red Corvette
Baby, you're much too fast
red Corvette"

This Prince classic is pretty self-explanatory, as it references America's sports car. 

"Ball and Chain" by Social Distortion

"Well I sit and I pray
In my broken down Chevrolet
While I'm singin' to myself
There's got to be another way"

Though they've been active since 1978, anyone who grew up in the 90s is familiar with the Social D hit "Ball and Chain," which was released in March of 1990. 

"Blue" by Eiffel 65 

"Blue his house with a blue little window
And a blue Corvette
And everything is blue for him"

Again, here's another one for you 90s kids. Blue Corvette, anyone? 

"Crocodile Rock" by Elton John

"Me and Suzie had so much fun
Holding hands and skimming stones
Had an old gold Chevy and a place of my own"

Muppets + Elton John = just too cool to leave out. 

"Racing in the Street" by Bruce Springsteen

"I got a sixty-nine Chevy with a 396
Fuelie heads and a Hurst on the floor
She's waiting tonight down in the parking lot"

Move over, Don. I think this might just be THE Chevrolet song! 

Other honorable mentions include "Riding in My Chevy" by Snoop Dogg and "Cruisin' in My '64" by Eazy-E, just to name a few!

What are your thoughts? Did we miss your favorite? If so, let us know what it was in the comments below, and don't forget to head up to Tyrell Chevrolet for your next slice of Americana.

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