Want to see a concert without leaving the house? American Pops Orchestra has online concerts that put a modern take on classic music.

D.C. Metro Theatre Arts describes the American Pops Orchestra (APO) as an "innovative group of artists [that] are reinvigorating the tunes you know and love with a contemporary flair that never fails to please." APO was founded in 2015 by maestro Luke Frazier, and they've performed regularly at the Arena Stage in Southwest D.C. And in this time of social distancing and uncertainty—for both music audiences and artists, who are suddenly faced with vanishing income—APO is still striving to innovate and bring people together with music. 

Their new initiative is called APO UNITED. It consists of curated playlists of APO artists and instrumentalists that you can watch for free from home. You can find the content on their YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram. There are feel-good playlists you can put on, as well as performances you can watch.

What's this about yoga?

APO is known for live music-and-yoga events at the Arena Stage, where music is a peaceful backdrop for a guided yoga session with instructor Dan Carter. APO UNITED will have a suite of yoga, mindfulness, and positivity content led by Carter with original scores to accompany by APO musicians Dave Sanders, Greg Watkins, and Jeremy Yaddaw.

So if you're looking for a way to relax and exercise a little, their lineup might be your cup of tea—the yoga soundtrack features "Cher, country ballads, boy bands, female singer-songwriters of the 1990s and early 2000s videos," according to their press release.

A time to relax and come together

Luke Frazier, APO's conductor, explains the why:

“Music has the incredible ability to transport us away from the stress of our times…this is why we need APO UNITED right now. We also understand that supporting artists means we can applaud virtually while helping them during this disruption. We are indeed united at this moment.”

APO UNITED joins other D.C. theaters adapting their content for an online season. You can check out others at the D.C. Metro Theater Arts website here.

Are you going to tune in to some of these APO concerts? How are you filling your quarantine time? Tell us in the comments!