Anne Hathaway breaks silence over her name.

Anne (aka "Annie") Hathaway is a mega Hollywood star who has talent ranging from not only acting, but singing, runway styling, and carrying the 2011 Oscars with her awkward co-host James Franco. You know, the kind of talent any mother would hope for in her child. But at the end of the day, Hathaway is just like the rest of usโ€”just another girl subject to her mother's scolding. 

During her interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Hathaway reveals to the public that she has always preferred being called Annie. The two places that bear the name, Anne, are on her Screen Actors Guild card and her mother's lips when "she's really mad at me."

If you're a Richard, James, Rebecca, or Virginia, you understand "the nickname" plea ad nauseam. So, Annie, consider yourself in good company even as the rest of the world contemplates your request:

Do you deal with the nickname dilemma too? We get it; it's tough living with two names. Commiserate in the comments below.