Kings Dominion’s Halloween Haunt will open on September 22 for its 17th sinister season.

As summer comes to an end, the nights are starting to get longer and the monsters are coming out to play. From masked maniacs and ghoulish fiends to cackling clowns and merciless devils, they’re all ready and waiting for you to join their twisted party. Accept their invitation, if you dare.

If you’re a fan of things that go bump in the night or enjoy having a monster or two in your closet, then Kings Dominion’s Halloween Haunt is the perfect party for you. Here, you’ll enter the realm of darkness and face your worst nightmares as you crawl through mazes, brave scare zones, and feel your heart drop on some of your favorite rides.

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This year the park will open to the public on September 22, and you can expect to see many of your favorite attractions return to frighten your night. You’ll once again venture through a prison of souls in Lockdown, fight the vengeful dead in Necropolis, escape distraught witches in Trick or Treat, and awaken the spirits in Blackout.

However, Kings Dominion has also added two new attractions that are sure to get your blood boiling. The first attraction, known as “Condemned,” is a paranormal walk through the haunted Darkside Manor. Here, a restless wedding party roams the halls attempting to figure out what happened to them 60 years ago. It’s up to you to investigate the legend and guarantee that you make it out alive.

The second new attraction is a scare zone located in Safari Village. Called "The Yard," this area was once the site of Doswell State Penitentiary. Although the prisoners thought they were safe and sound behind bars, they were completely wrong. The twisted warden tortured his inmates and silenced them forever, but his reign of terror is far from over. Do you dare enter the yard and risk becoming his next victim?

With scary-good savings and tickets as low as $39.99 a night, you’re sure to have a wicked time at the park. So, awaken your nightmares and join the ghostly ghouls every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from September 22 to October 28.

Need Scare Immunity? 

If you're not a fan of the haunts, don't sweat it! You can always grab a “No Boo” necklace at the park, and it’ll reduce your likelihood of being scared by monsters lurking in the scare zones. Therefore, you can join the party without scaring your pants off.  

For the little ones, Kings Dominion is also hosting the Great Pumpkin Fest every Saturday and Sunday, from September 22 to October 28. You’ll have fun with Snoopy and friends as you trick o’ treat, paint pumpkins in the patch, or jump and jive at the kid-friendly dance party. It’s all the Halloween fun, without the spooky scares.

Kings Dominion is an amusement park in Doswell, Virginia, just 20 miles north of Richmond and 75 miles south of Washington, D.C.

For more information, check out Kings Dominion's website!

So, are you ready to face your fears, awaken your nightmares, or scare your pants off? Let us know in the comments if you’ll be joining the haunt at Kings Dominion this year!

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