Get your theater fix without the jerk two rows below you giving running commentary!

In this time of coronavirus, we get a chance to explore our favorite topics or expand our horizons, and there's a whole experience just waiting for you online. 

The world of theater is right at your fingertips thanks to streaming service BroadwayHD. Offering online performances from Broadway, West End, and other popular venues across the world, the service has been entertaining people since 2015.

But now that we are all stuck on the sofa, it's offering a free 7-day trial where you can watch all the theater you can handle. We're talking Cats, we're talking The Sound of Music, we're talking The King and I, and so many more productions. In fact, there are around 300 shows to choose from, as well as playlists to keep you occupied. Check out the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber or choose from Shakespeare, musicals, family-friendly, vintage, and so many more categories. 

What's best is that there is no curtain time, so you can watch your favorite productions any time of the day, the shows stream on any device, and you'll never see a pesky ad ... which is great because no one needs a toilet paper ad in the middle of Phantom of the Opera, am I right?

Since we have no idea how long coronavirus preventative measures will keep us at home, the service is very affordable after your free trial has ended. You can choose from an $8.99 monthly plan or a $99.99 yearly plan—it could be all show tunes all the time for a reasonable fee! 

You can start your free trial at Having just been on the site, it does appear to be a little bogged down with all the people likely taking advantage of the offer, but stick with it! It's definitely worth the wait. 

What are some of your favorite Broadway shows? Do you subscribe to BroadwayHD? We'd love for you to share your playlists below!