Chef Gordon Ramsay was just spotted in Tappahannock, Virginia, filming "24 Hours to Hell and Back."

Chef Gordon Ramsay is known for stirring up emotions in the kitchen, and it looks like he just brought the storm to Virginia.

Over the weekend of October 25–27, Chef Ramsay was spotted at Lowery’s Seafood Restaurant in Tappahannock, filming for his Fox TV show 24 Hours to Hell and Back. The show features Ramsay and his team as they travel the country helping restaurants modernize their establishment and ultimately become more profitable.

Lowery’s has been an iconic family restaurant in Tappahannock for over 80 years. Earlier in the year, the Lowery family decided to put the restaurant up on the market but remain open until the establishment was sold. According to a broker, the family recently took the restaurant off the market—most likely due to Ramsay’s transformation.

Chef Ramsay surprised the Lowery’s owner with a special visit and makeover. According to Lowery’s Facebook page, they closed the restaurant on October 25 for “repairs” and reopened with special limited seating over the weekend.

This is very similar to the premise of the 24 Hours to Hell and Back show—Ramsay and his team have 24 hours to address issues with a restaurant, retrain the staff, modernize the menu, and ultimately relaunch the restaurant with a special, limited grand re-opening.

Town manager James Sydnor revealed that the town offices were aware of a production company visiting Lowery’s, but had no idea it was Chef Ramsay.

Sydnor said, “I’m not a Food Network guy, but I was informed by the ladies here … so we’re excited. Anything to help Lowery’s is OK with us."

The Lowery’s Seafood Restaurant episode of 24 Hours to Hell and Back is expected to premiere on Fox next year. Let us know if you catch it on TV, and be sure to visit the new Lowery’s!