The supermodel is fulfilling teachers' Amazon wishlists and wants to give more. 

Supermodel, mom, chef, and social media influencer Chrissy Teigen wants to help teachers have a great school year, so she took to Twitter. Teigen has asked teachers to send her their Amazon wishlists for the year and plans to buy as many of them as she can.

Teigan put her money where her mouth is and fulfilled 50 of the wishlists in less than a day. She posted again to let followers know she will be getting to more this week and wants to focus on "struggling districts and special needs."

Fans have responded in kind, with several offering to chip in and help pay for more supplies for teachers. One woman from Australia shared that teachers there don't have to pay for supplies, and wants to help pay it forward. Others have asked for a place to donate, a Venmo, or other ways to help. 

Some of the responses are basic like paper, books, manipulatives, and more. Others are hoping for technology to aid special needs students, and still, others want to help with facemasks to donate and more. 

What do you think about Teigen’s efforts? What other celebrities have you seen supporting teachers?