Do you love local, craft beer? Do you wish you knew what the local breweries were, what they were like, and what kind of beer they brewed? Well, look no further than City Brew Tours to show you the way.

City Brew Tour is one of the best beer tours in the city, and here’s why they’re worth checking out!

The beer guide (seriously, they prefer the title beer guide) will pick you up in a van for your tour, and from that point on, you won’t have to worry about getting from one location to the next. The beer guide will act as both your driver and tour guide, and will be with you throughout the entire tour. beer Tours are small (no more than 14 people or so) and feel very personalized. There are different types of tours to choose from, but the best and most popular is the “Original Brew Tour” happening on the weekends. You’ll have the opportunity to visit four local breweries and taste a wide assortment of brews. Lunch will be included to complement your tastings at one of the breweries, Capitol City Brewing Company, which also doubles as a restaurant.
City Brew Tours also has private package options available. If you have a private party (whether it’s for the office, birthday, or otherwise), this is a great option (think minimal planning, maximum beer drinking). For more information on types of tours and private packages, please visit the website here. [gallery columns="2" ids="5220,5221,5207,5208"]         If you go with the classic “Original Brew Tour,” you’ll start off by getting a brief history of beer from your tour guide as you drive to your first location. Then at each brewery you’ll receive an overview of their process, what makes them unique, and how they fit into the wider craft beer community. The four breweries on “The Original Brew Tour” are Port City Brewing Company, Capitol City Brewing Company, DC Brau Brewing Company, and Hellbender Brewing Company. As you move along (and drink more!), you’ll get an opportunity to bond with the other tour goers and your guide; the environment is very casual and friendly. The guides are great about tailoring the tour to what you like in terms of your questions. They do choose the beer you taste, but at the beginning, they ask what you prefer, so your specific tastes are definitely taken into consideration. [gallery columns="2" ids="5209,5212,5216,5211"]         The whole tour takes about five hours and is $99 per person, and that’s an all-inclusive price. There will also be an opportunity to stock up on souvenirs at each brewery. All companies sell everything -- from beer to take home, growlers, t-shirts, and all sorts of other trinkets. After you’re done, the bus will drop you off where it picked you up. If you're looking to spend a fun day with friends or family, this is a really fun, hassle-free idea. beer Have you been on a beer tour before? What kind of tour did you go on and what did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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