Explore the "ocean" part of iconic Ocean City with the help of Fish Finder Adventures!

One of the greatest parts of Ocean City is the ocean, of course! Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to learn more about the ocean life around Ocean City? Check out Fish Finder Adventures!

WHERE: 12940 Inlet Isle Lane | Ocean City, MD
CONTACT: Click here or call 410-726-7946

Behind this cool business are fishing enthusiasts Captain Mark Sampson and his wife, Charlotte! According to the website, Captain Sampson fell in love with fishing and Ocean City when he was just a small child. He believes that, with its abundance of different fish species in the surrounding bodies of water, Ocean City is the perfect place for fishing, so he turned his passion for the sport into an adventure-filled business for Ocean City visitors!

If you'd like to spend a nice day seeing who can reel in the biggest catch, then Find Finder has plenty of activities available! You can try your hand at bottom fishing where you'll fish for creatures like seabass, flounder, and blackfish from the sea floor off of Maryland's coastline. Reel in some king mackerel, bonito, tuna, striped bass, shad, or redfish via flyfishing, or experiment with nearshore or inshore light tackle fishing!

And what would you think about fishing for sharks? Fish Finder Adventures offers a variety of shark-related activities, from fishing for different shark species, to more research-type excursions.

Or if you just want to enjoy the water as a spectator, Fish Finder's one- and two-hour cruise options allow you to explore the bay or ocean waters surrounding the city and hopefully spot a few wild horses, dolphins, or other local wildlife.

Have you been on an excursion with Fish Finder's Adventures? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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