Captain America finds the real Nick Fury during a top-secret visit to the nation’s capital.

Chris Evans plays Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, he doesn’t just portray a superhero on the big screen -- he's also one in real life. From donating to charities and standing up to cancer, to visiting sick children in hospitals, Evans is doing his part to protect the nation. Now, he's on a top-secret, civic engagement project that had him visiting Washington, D.C., to uncover some answers.  

Last week, Evans headed to Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers on a variety of topics. Despite missing 70 years of history after Captain America’s freezing in WWII, Evans discussed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), bipartisanship, education, criminal justice reform, and some other issues that plague the country today.

He even had some fun with his time on Capitol Hill and apparently spilled some Avengers: Endgame secrets. According to Senator Tim Scott, the two chatted about the upcoming Marvel film, and Evans told him, “If you repeat the secrets I told you about Endgame, Marvel will make sure we BOTH turn to dust." 

Making fun of the Marvel characters’ fates in Avengers: Infinity War, Evans is making sure that the threat of Thanos is enough to keep his secrets under lock and key.

During his visit, Evans also met the real-life Nick Fury. Representative Dan Crenshaw is a Navy veteran who lost his eye in Afghanistan. When he replaced it with a new glass eye, he decided to add a tribute to Captain America and the Marvel Universe.

When Evans visited Capitol Hill, Crenshaw took the opportunity to take off his Nick Fury-like eye patch and reveal his tribute to the Marvel hero. Crenshaw’s glass eye has an image of Captain America’s shield imprinted on it, which would definitely make the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. jealous.

Crenshaw tweeted about the visit and posted a photo of him and Chris Evans along with the words, “When Captain America sees your Captain America glass eye. #merica." To which, Chris Evans replied, “A VERY cool use of Vibranium."


Vibranium is a fictional metal from the Marvel comics and movies that is nearly indestructible. It is used in a lot of Wakandan technology found in the movie Black Panther and is also the element used to make Captain America’s shield.

Evans seems to have had a lot of fun on his trip to the Capitol building. However, this isn’t his first visit to speak with lawmakers. He was also in the area back in February, meeting with senators before President Trump’s State of the Union address. Since Chris Evans’ contract with the Marvel Cinematic Universe ends after Avengers: Endgame, we could potentially see the hero in Washington, D.C., more often. Could this be Captain America's next mission? 

So, did you catch a glimpse of Captain America and his mighty shield in our nation’s capital? What did you think about the new Avengers: Endgame trailer that Marvel just dropped? Let us know in the comments!  

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