Jennifer Garner gets a new phone, "Who dis?"

Lately, it seems like we're all getting attacked by spam texts and unknown numbers, but imagine if you got a random text from the one and only, Jennifer Garner. On October 1, the 13 Going on 30 actress took to Instagram to share a text exchange between her and someone she thought was her Alias co-star. However, she was actually texting a complete stranger

Garner was attempting to text her co-star, Carl Lumbly, when she said, "Carl–this is Jen G. Here comes proof." The recipient of Garner's text did the right thing and responded with "wrong number" but Garner clearly didn't read it before sending a photo of herself. The actress was most likely horrified by the mistake, but owned up to it with humility and grace. "Hahaha," she replied to the stranger. "Well this is me!"

Garner stated that the whole incident was humbling. "You know the one time you take a selfie to prove to someone you're you? And get a 'wrong number' message just as it's gone out into the world?'" she wrong on Instagram. "Well, it's humbling, isn't it." 

Along with the caption, Garner also added hashtags that proved she's still on the hunt for her Alias co-star. The cast of the show had a reunion earlier in the week to mark 20 years since the show's premiere. Garner featured the reunion on her first-ever TikTok post and wrote a heartfelt message to the cast on Instagram. 

"Since the end of the show, April of 2005, running into a cast or crew member from Alias has always led to this question—When will you get everyone back together for a reunion? The 20th anniversary seemed like as good an excuse as any, so the call went out—reunion party is happening, pass it on!" Garner posted. 

She also gave a shoutout to everyone who could not make the reunion, which might have included the elusive Carl Lumbly. "We missed everyone who was working and couldn't make it in," she posted. "We missed you, Jabrams, (because I screwed up and made this happen on a night you were busy). But man, it felt so good to be together again. ♥️👩🏻‍🎤."

So, if you know where Lumbly might be hiding, let him know that Garner is looking for him! If not, feel free to comment and share your own texting horror stories.