It might not matter if you’re a DC or Marvel fan soon. Rumor has it, Marvel might take over DC Comics.

DC vs. Marvel—the age-old debate. Are you a DC fan or a Marvel fan? Well, according to a new rumor, the iconic comic debate might soon be dead as Marvel takes over DC Comics.

Last week, AT&T, the parent company of Warner Bros. and subsequently DC Comics, fired Dan DiDio who has been the co-publisher for DC Comics since 2010. According to the rumors, AT&T was not impressed with DiDio’s latest attempt at reviving the DC Comics. The attempt involved a fifth-generation reboot that looked at replacing some of the comic’s classic characters with new modern versions.

During the reboot, DiDio also didn’t get along with legendary DC writer, Scott Snyder. Snyder did not want his characters having anything to do with the reboot and alas, we saw DiDio leaving DC Comics.

Now the rumors suggest that DiDio’s firing was just one part of a major restructuring for AT&T. Following the news of DiDio’s departure, former Green Lantern artist Ethan Van Sciver has said that AT&T will close down DC Comics if the 5G reboot fails. Some sources also suggest that AT&T will put DC up for sale and invite Marvel to take over.

Many of these rumors have been perpetuated by YouTubers close to AT&T. Some of these YouTubers suggest that part of the deal even includes Kevin Feige bringing some of the DC characters into the MCU. However, these YouTubers also note that these rumors could just be something that AT&T and WarnerBros are spreading in order to simply gauge fan reactions.

Other rumors suggest that AT&T will look to Hollywood film and television writers for inspiration rather than selling DC Comics to Marvel. This would involve well-known film writers such as James Gunn writing comic book stories in order to revive them, just like the movies. J.J. Abrams helped to write a Spider-Man comic for Marvel and with him signed up to WarnerMedia, we might see him doing the same for DC Comics.

So, what do you think? Does the rumor sound too farfetched? Would you want Marvel to take over DC Comics? Leave us a comment and let us know!