The best paid gig ... ever! 

You’ve always wanted to watch TV and eat pizza in your PJs, right? Now you can do just that and get paid for it. If you consider yourself a “professional binge-watcher,” you’ll want to check out this gig.

To celebrate National Pizza Day on February 9, the online casino review site BonusFinder is offering a fun and tasty opportunity. The company is on the lookout for the best shows and best pizzas to get everybody through the winter, the pandemic, or anything else. They have previously held competitions to find the best pumpkin pie, burgers, ice cream, and candy.

With this particular competition, you’ll get to watch and review three Netflix shows and eat all the pizza you want. You’ll receive $500 and a stipend to order various types of takeout pizza, which you'll be reviewing along with the Netflix shows. You'll get a complimentary Netflix account as well; so don't let not having an account stop you from entering. 

You’ll be judging the shows and the pizza based on specific criteria.

Rank the Shows

  • Story and plot lines
  • “Netflix and chill” suitability
  • Acting quality and cheesiness (feel free to judge the cheesiness of the pizza as well)
  • Satisfaction of episodes and series endings

Rank the Pizza

  • Pizza appearance and color
  • Base texture and taste
  • Topping ingredient quality, flavor, and cheese gooeyness
  • Value for the money

Choose from a variety of the best and most popular shows on Netflix, such as dramas, romantic period pieces, superhero sagas, thrillers, and reality TV shows.

Netflix Shows

  • The Queen's Gambit
  • Bridgerton
  • Lupin
  • Bling Empire
  • Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer
  • Cobra Kai
  • Surviving Death
  • Ozark
  • Virgin River
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Ratched
  • Below Deck
  • Other (Unlisted series you might want to watch)

To become the BonusFinder Binge Watcher, fill out the form on the BonusFinder site. The more creative your answers, the better your chances. Entries are now open, and you do need to be at least 21 years of age. There will be one U.S./Canadian winner and one international winner chosen.

Enter by 9:00 p.m. on Friday, February 12, 2021. The winner will be contacted by Monday, February 15.  

Are you planning to enter the Netflix binge-watching and pizza-eating contest? What’s your favorite Netflix show and pizza? Let us know in the comments.