"My Own Soul's Warning" — The Killers

Starting off our list this week is The Killers' newest song, "My Own Soul's Warning." And wow, does this track sound like it came straight from the '80s.

A song on their upcoming, sixth studio album, Imploding the Mirage, "My Own Soul's Warning" reminds me somewhat of a Tom Petty track, but with more '80s elements, such as the scintillating use of synths, the nostalgic vibe, and overall retro sound. The piano complements the low-key, upbeat bass and steady drum beat throughout the song, bringing a somewhat dream-like sense to the rock parts.

Overall, "My Own Soul's Warning" seems to be treading into new territory for The Killers. I've always enjoyed their tracks since middle school, and this one is no different, especially since the lyrics deal with self-identity themes.

Give their newest song a listen below!

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