5. "Slam (Angel Miners)" — Awolnation

Ever since first hearing their notable "Sail" years ago, I've been hooked onto Awolnation, listening to many of their songs countless times—from the hypnotic "Drinking Lightning" to the harder, electronic "Woman Woman."

Their newest album Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders debuts April 24. To generate buzz, they've released a handful of singles, including their latest, "Slam (Angel Miners)."

Accompanied by a unique video involving one-eyed creatures in hoodies, this song is not something you'd think to hear on the radio. Backed by punctuating synths, an incredibly slow drum, and a playful piano that guides you throughout the verses, it takes a back seat when the chorus strikes, and frontman Aaron Bruno sings, "Always someone watching / Always someone watching / Always someone watching over you" in a way that pairs perfectly with the twisted and fun creativity of the song.

Bruno says the song describes how he sees and deals with his everyday struggles. What do you think? Give it a listen here.

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