The Nintendo Switch was a surprise hit earlier this year! Now, Nintendo has released a list of new Switch games and when we can expect them.

The Nintendo Switch was released on March 3, 2017, and it's quickly become the breakaway hit of the first quarter this year. It's estimated that the console shipped over 1.5 million units in the first two weeks of its launch and they're expecting to sell another half a million by the end of their first month. Many users have criticized the console due to the limited number of titles available and the fact that they did not take advantage of the console's abilities. Well, fear not, Switch users who have already finished "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!" Nintendo just released a list of the new games coming to the console and when we can expect them!

Puyo Poyo Tetris - April 25 Two puzzle games collide to create a fun-to-play, fast-paced competitive party game like no other! Play online or locally, with friends or solo. This one is sure to be a great party hit.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - April 28 This new installment of a classic favorite will include several new characters not included in Mario Kart 8 and more options for battle mode.

Minecraft - May 11 Randomly generated block worlds don't sound like the foundation of a fun game, but Minecraft is surprisingly addictive! Play alone or with up to eight other people either locally or online.

Disgaea 5 Complete - May 23 Over-the-top action, hilarious writing, and a question for revenge – this game has all the ingredients for a fantastic action/adventure game! It's also got seven new characters not included in the original retail release.

Ultra Super Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers - May 26 This new Switch game is an updated version of 1991's "Street Fighter II: The World Warrior." It also has two graphical styles: classic pixel graphics and updated high-definition graphics.

ARMS - June 16 A unique new fighting game that's sure to be a hit! This one will feature a bunch of different fighters, unique arenas, and extendable arms!

Splatoon 2 - July 21 The Inklings are back to splatter more ink and claim more turf in this 4-on-4 action shooter! Seriously, if you've never played the original splatoon, you should. And then you should get this one.

RIME - spring 2017 The only official details about this game that have been released as of writing this article are that it's an open-world adventure game, but it looks to include some pretty interesting magical elements! It's also really pretty, which is always a bonus.

Namco Museum - summer 2017 Relive some classic nostalgia with this collection, including favorites like "Pac-Man," "Galaga," and "Tank Force." There are also new challenge modes available for each game.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" - fall 2017 Rejoin the world of magic, elves and dragons in this open-world fantasy epic. This is another pretty game that you can easily pour hundreds of hours into without even realizing it.

Payday 2 -  winter 2017 This co-op shooter was a surprise announcement amongst the other titles on this list. There'll be four-player co-operative play, meaning you and your friends can rob banks together!

Super Mario Odyssey - holiday 2017 Join Mario on a new journey through unknown worlds. This is the first sandbox-style Mario game since "Super Mario 64" and "Super Mario Sunshine." This extensive list of new Switch titles is sure to sate your appetite for a while! And if you really aren't satisfied, you can always replay "Breath of the Wild!" Which of these new Switch games are you most excited for? What do you want them to release next? Tell us about it in the comments!

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