Miss "Work It" has finally earned her keep, and we are all so proud of her!

Hampton Roads just keeps getting better and better all the time! Virginia was just given the No. 7 spot on WalletHub's "Best States to Live" list, and Loggerhead turtles laid eggs on the North End of Virginia Beach! What else great could happen to the Seven Cities?

Well, in the latest news, Missy Elliott has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame! Elliott, a Portsmouth native, is the first female rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame – How amazing is that? 

Elliott has worked her way to the top! As a fellow Hampton Roads native, I am very proud of her accomplishments and say this is a well-deserved honor (You go, girl)!

This is all of us: 

Courtesy of Giphy

Her long-time friend, Queen Latifah, inducted her with a heartfelt speech. Other stars chimed in with their congratulations, as well, including former First Lady Michelle Obama who paid her respects with kind words that voiced her appreciation for Elliott's hard work and influence on young girls!

“Every time I come up to a podium … even with all the work that I’ve done, I don’t know — and I’m assuming it’s just God — I don’t know why I am here,” Elliott, 47, said tearfully, to applause from the audience. “I want to say one thing to the writers, to the upcoming writers, ‘Do not give up.’ We all go through writer’s block. Sometimes you just have to walk away from a record and come back to it. But don’t give up because I’m standing here. And this is big for hip-hop, too.”

She recently posted to Twitter thanking everyone for their support. 

Elliott has been busy in the music industry for two decades, writing hit songs for artists such as Queen Latifah, Aaliyah, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, and Janet Jackson! As fans have noticed, she has taken a hiatus with producing her own content as she has not released a new song or album since 2017. 

See her speech here:

Courtesy of Missy Elliott

Which Missy Elliott song do you like the best? Do you think she earned her spot in the Songwriters Hall of Fame? Tell us your opinions in the comments!