"Dumplin" will have you kicking off your heels in support of Willodean Dixon (just be sure that you do it on purpose). 

Netflix has done it again. They have created another masterpiece to show off to the world that tackles topics like body positivity, acceptance, and stereotypes. The movie Dumplin was so good that I went straight to Facebook and recommended that everyone go watch it. Originally a novel by Julie Murphy, the film came to life under Netflix's direction. 

I recommend curling up on the couch with a good blanket, some hot chocolate, and not a single care about what anyone else thinks while you sing along to Dolly Parton. Watching Dumplin transformed me into a true fan of the singer/songwriter. Before I watched this film, I had never really listened to Parton's music before. Excuse me now while I go dance around to 9-5.   

Here is the trailer: 

Courtesy of Netflix

Here are just a few things that are great about this movie:

Dumplin was humble, comedic, and a huge representation for bigger girls and the LGBTQ community. I have not seen a movie that has tackled the issues quite like this. Dumplin highlighted everything good and bad about dealing with body positivity, stereotypes, and acceptance (and it did it on purpose).

I (personally) struggle with body issues and having confidence in myself, so I related to Willowdean on a level I never expected to. I felt her pain as the snide comments from her classmates and own mother slapped her in the face. Even though she tried hard to be strong, the comments eventually caught up to her.

Before all the madness, Will's confidence levels were spectacular and made me rethink the way I present myself. Willowdean signed up for the pageant (Miss Teen Bluebonnet) as a plus-sized contestant as a form of protest, but she never failed to believe in herself. Her intentions were to prove that anyone, no matter what size, could compete in a beauty pageant, proving that beauty has no limits. Will shoved the rude comments aside and just went after what she wanted. Just look at her beautiful face. She can defeat any odds with that smile. 

Courtesy of Pop Sugar

There were plenty of scenes that had me laughing. When I reached the rehearsal for the opening dance of the pageant, I had to play it on repeat I was laughing so hard. Hannah's protest dance had me rolling on the floor with my bellyaching. Just look at how ridiculous it is: 

Courtesy of daniella

One of my favorite qualities about this movie was seeing Jennifer Aniston as Willowdean's mother and a former beauty pageant queen. She broke my heart with her snide comments and lack of support for her daughter. Instead of focusing on how she made others feel, she focused on herself and had to learn how to be accepting and truly supportive of others. 

The unlikely friendships that were formed during the film are really what brought it all together. Willowdean gained some new friends during the process of the pageant, and they formed an unbreakable bond while helping each other learn new qualities along the way. 

What I loved most about this movie was the inclusion of the Dolly Parton drag queens. I had so much fun watching them strut their stuff on the stage; they'll bring a smile to anyone's face!

Dumplin will not disappoint. 

Did we leave anything out? How much did you love Dumplin? Let us know in the comments below. 

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