Record-busting podcast 'S-Town' has enough momentum to go to the movies, or even television.

S-Town is storytelling at its absolute best, and we'd expect nothing less from Brian Reed – the voice of Public Radio's This American Life. Now eclipsing ten million downloads, the Southern murder mystery turned snaking small-town high stakes drama could some day be brought to the silver screen. Reed told The Hollywood Reporter that he would entertain the idea of bringing the enthralling narrative to either film or television. "I'm interested in trying other mediums for sure" he said, "But we haven't thought about that too deeply yet." However, this was before S-Town exploded with popularity. Even in its opening week, the podcast performed exceptionally well.
Reed also admitted that he was working on several stories at the time and never thought "This needs to be a story." Yet, he also said, "this guy was just kind of wedging his way into my life, and I was just not bored. I liked talking to him, and what if the things he was saying that were going on were going on?" Not long after Reed went to visit the main character, tragic events ensue (without spoiling anything) and he thought, "Should we keep doing the story? What is this exactly?" We're sure glad he did. S-Town is redefining the crime drama as we know it – best of all it's doing it through the oldest form of human expression: oral storytelling, but we'd be okay seeing it come to film. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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