Get ready for a night of hilarious, lightning-quick griping! Dylan Moran, star of hit BBC comedy series Black Books, will be at The Lincoln Theatre on Monday, September 25!

Since beginning his comedic career in Ireland in 1992, Dylan Moran has grown into an international hit, performing in London, Sydney, Milan, Moscow, and across the United States. His style of detailed observations paired with flippant, barbed asides mesmerizes audiences, who are left stunned by the speed at which the comedian can change topic -- and even his stance on a subject. Fans of Moran are not just amused, but thrilled by the rhetorical ability he displays in his comedic sets. The Times has described Moran’s standup as “masterclass of comic charisma: swinging from topic to topic in a manner seemingly spontaneous but actually tightly organised,” and this is ever more the case with his latest tour, titled Grumbling Mustard. On September 25, Dylan Moran will take the stage in D.C., giving the commonwealth the chance to bask in his sarcastic glory for one night only. Dylan Moran WHEN: Monday, September 25 | Doors: 7 p.m., Show: 8 p.m. WHERE: The Lincoln Theatre, 1215 U St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20009 Touring for over 25 years across the globe, there have been plenty of chances for audiences to come to love Dylan Moran, but for many of us on this side of the pond, our first introduction to his comedy was through the BBC comedy series Black Books. Premiering in 2000 and running for three series (as the Brits call television seasons), Black Books gave Moran the chance to channel and condense his most bitter, misanthropic aspects into comedic gold that was often absurdist, and at times, even slapstick. When paired with the convoluted plots and surprising misdirects cooked up by Moran and co-creator Graham Linehan, the show would at times become both a parody of and the height of sitcom writing. Dylan Moran While Moran was truly the mastermind behind his character Bernard Black, fans of the comedian recognize the differences between the creator and his creation. Filmgoers may also recognize Moran from movies like Shaun of the Dead, where he plays a dithering clinger-on to the protagonist’s girlfriend, and Run Fatboy Run, where he plays Gordon, the (relatively) supportive coach to the protagonist in his goal to run the Nike River Marathon. Each character differs from the persona he presents onstage. His comedic performance style allows positivity, humanity, and hope to creep through his language and into his message, albeit while sounding as bitter as possible. Also an accomplished author, Moran has penned a series of books with inventive titles like Pig Gets a Quadruple Bypass and Bessie the Edible Dormouse Gets Down, and copies are available at his website (though many are sold out). Each book features a different illustration by – you guessed it – Dylan Moran himself, an accomplished painter as well. The promotional material for the Grumbling Mustard tour also heavily features his artwork, and the scattered yet detailed scribblings make for a great complement to Moran’s rhetorical style. [gallery size="large" ids="3847,3848,3849"]     His passion, however, remains for comedy, as he plans to tour next year as well, but September 25 is likely to be the only time D.C. residents will be able to see this set performed live. If you’re a fan of intelligent, acerbic comedy, don’t pass up the opportunity to catch Dylan Moran at The Lincoln Theatre! Are you a fan of Black Books? Can’t wait to see Dylan Moran live? Let us know in the comments below!

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