Netflix Review -- Malevolent

Welcome back to another episode of Taj and Film, Chill Reviews!

I’ll be reviewing another original film from our friends over at Netflix called Malevolent. Not to be confused with Maleficent, the 2014 movie which stars Angelina Jolie, but Malevolent … starring no one you know. Directed by Olaf De Fleur and starring Florence Pugh, Ben Lloyd Huges, Scott Chambers, Georgina Bevan, Stephen McCole, and Celia Imrie, Malevolent is an absolutely terrible, wannabe horror film.

The film is about a brother-sister duo that falsifies paranormal encounters for money, but they end up getting more than they bargained for when they take a job in an estate with real paranormal activity.

Warning, this movie was beyond TRASH. So watch it at your own risk on Netflix!

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