The best part of the Super Bowl is obviously the commercials -- You know it's true! 

Every year we wait in anticipation to see what creative magic the marketing executives of the nation have come up with. Don't we really watch the Super Bowl for the ads and the half-time show? I know I do!

Who will be champion of the ad game? We did some digging to find all of the released commercials so far!

Here are a few of our favorites:


Their advertisement is simple, calming, and beautiful. I think it sends the message perfectly!

Courtesy of Budweiser


Any commercial that has Steve Carell in it is automatically a winner -- he's hilariously talented. There's also Cardi B and Lil Jon in it, too! "Okay!"

Courtesy of Pepsi


Who knew that bringing SMR to a commercial would be incredibly genius? Just watch -- you'll see what I mean!

Courtesy of Michelob ULTRA

Michelob Robots

Everyone knows that robots won't be taking over the world, but it is sad that they can't enjoy the refreshing taste of a Michelob ULTRA -- "It's only worth it if you can enjoy it." 

Courtesy of Michelob ULTRA


A TV that brings the characters to life? Yes, please! You can never have too many inches. 

Courtesy of Ad's World


Coca-Cola did it again -- The commercial is incredibly beautiful, and now I need to go share a coke with someone.

Courtesy of The Star Ads

Stella Artois

This ad is incredibly dramatic and shocking. Plus, it has BOTH Kurt Russell and Carrie Bradshaw!

Courtesy of Stella Artois


Okay, this is just sad but weirdly clever because I now have the urge to try Bubly water! Add in a celeb and pit him against their product -- kinda genius! 

Courtesy of Bublywater


Very creative commercial because teenagers would (and probably have) played this game! The next challenge, perhaps? It's a safe one!! 

Courtesy of Pringles U.S.

BON & VIV Spiked Seltzer

The creators played with the idea of a metaphor. Mythical drink, mythical creatures! 

Courtesy of BON & VIV Spiked Seltzer


A commercial that is incredibly awkward and cringe-worthy to watch -- Colgate, what were you thinking? I get the message, but I felt my personal space being invaded. Strangely, I do find myself wanting to use their product now.

Courtesy of COLGATE U.S. 


The creators really hit it hard with this one -- "The Ball WIll Always Be in Your Court." The ad has a delightfully strong feminist-forward message! Excuse me when I head on over to Bumble to check it out!

Courtesy of Bumble

Amazon Beta System

Can we talk about a cool commercial? Amazon got very creative with this one -- it's simple and to-the-point while sending a very strong message. I'm not sure what the Amazon Beta System is, but I can't wait to get one myself!

Courtesy of Super Bowl 53 Ads


This just got weird and awkward ... but I can't. stop. watching. Crafty but raunchy. 

Courtesy of Super Bowl 53 Ads

M&M's Teaser

Parents everywhere will be screaming -- quite relatable! 

Courtesy of mmschocolate


Who knew Skittles would be the ones to make it weird? 

Courtesy of SKITTLESbrand


They actually created the musical ...

Courtesy of SKITTLESbrand

Olay Teaser Trailer

This is a killer commercial ... all puns intended. 

Courtesy of Olay North America

Which one was your favorite? I favor the Coca-Cola or the Pepsi ad! Let us know in the comments below. 

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