The perfect gift for Potterheads is here! 

For Harry Potter fans, the magic never really ends as long as we have the coolest merchandise in our collection. Now, the Japanese architectural model-making company Triad has come out with a memo pad that reveals the spectacular Hogwarts Castle as you rip away the notes! Wait, what?

harry potter

This unique craft of memo pads is named "Omoshiroi Block," which means "interesting" or "funny." As you use the pads and pull out the notes, a three-dimensional architectural model or an object is gradually revealed! In addition to Hogwarts, the interesting collection also features famous Japanese landmarks such as Kyoto’s world-renowned Kiyomizudera Temple and Tokyo Tower.

Memo pad

This special Harry Potter edition of Omishoroi Block is a collaboration between Triad Inc., Fox Inc., and Warner Brothers Consumer Products. The castle's brilliant design doesn't display itself unless you use the pad and tear away the papers one by one. The 150 pages are perforated alongside the model for an easy tear and have some pop-up designs from the wizarding world like Harry's glasses. The block also comes with a pen stand. Once you have used all the sheets, the block can still have a useful place on your shelf or desk!

Harry potter

The detailing of the castle is stunning.


Omoshiroi block

These writing pads are a perfect example of the blend of architecture and art. In a recent statement, Triad Inc. said that the project took them one year to complete, including planning, implementation, and design. 

Check out the promotional video below:

The perfect gift for a die-hard fan of the magical world, the Harry Potter memo pad is for sale at Fox Stores for 19,800 Yen (almost $190). Other deisgns of Omoshiroi Blocks are available through Triad's online store.

**All of the photos in this article are courtesy of the Fox Store and Triad.

So what do you think? Will you be adding this cool block in your wizardry collection? It could be the perfect holiday gift for the Muggles! Let us know in the comments!