Made popular by YouTubers all over the world, a mukbang (pronounced mook bang) is an eating show. Yup, simply videos of people eating.

In some cases, mukbangs are educational, taking you along on exotic meals in foreign countries. Other times, they're themed, like vegan restaurants or chain restaurant binges. My favorite are the conversational ones, where the YouTuber chats with you while they chow down. 

If it sounds strange to watch people eating, give these a try. They are my favorite mukbangers, in no particular order.

1.Tammy (funniest mukbangs)

A word of caution – Tammy is NSFW. She's crude, lewd, and just all-around hilarious for a no-holds-barred comedic mukbang. Don't worry, Tammy is just a character, and you can find occasional Q&As by her creator, Chelcie, on her YouTube channel as well.

The best thing about Tammy is that you get a real tasting experience of local fast-food restaurants that are accessible to everyone. No joke, her videos have made me order pizza and drive out of my way for fried chicken. Don't watch them on an empty stomach!


Courtesy of YouTube

2. Mark Wiens (international mukbangs)

Mark's reactions are pretty dramatic, but I think it's because the food he tries is THAT good. This Thailand-based American travels all over the world doing these videos, and you can vacation vicariously through his mukbangs.

One bad thing about watching his channel is that the food can be on the rare or exotic side of the spectrum. You'll spend a fortune trying to find similar dishes near you, so you've been warned!

Mark Wiens

Courtesy of Mark Wiens

3. Steph Pappas (wholesome mukbangs)

Steph is a very sweet, young YouTuber who got her start doing kid-themed activities like karaoke singalongs and makeup sessions. She has moved into the mukbang world and is quickly gaining traction for her honest reviews of fast-food favorites.

Hers is a family channel, with her dad, Papa Pappas, often making guest appearances. This channel would be appropriate for children of all ages to watch – Steph doesn't do anything weird in her mukbangs.

Steph Pappas

Courtesy of Steph Pappas

4. Bonny Rebecca (vegetarian mukbangs)

This Australian blogger is no longer a vegan, but you can still find plenty of vegan and vegetarian content on her YouTube channel. She makes up her own recipes and will also show you product reviews of healthy products sent her way. 


Courtesy of BonnyRebecca

5. Nikocado Avocado

Nick can get a little R-rated with his language, but for the most part, his mukbangs are PG. His signature move is to just get all messy with his food, and he never holds back a burp.

Every now and then, he'll have a sponsored show, and the way he eats seafood will make you crave it. I would suggest having some cocktail shrimp or crab legs on hand if you try and watch this video.

Nikocado Avocado

Courtesy of Nikocado Avocado

6. Derek Gerard (mukbang challenges)

Derek does tons of funny food-related challenges and then mukbangs it all online. They say he invented the ordering-what-the-person-in-front-of-me-ordered challenge which has now taken YouTube by storm. 

His frantic energy does well with younger viewers, and his own subscribers who often write in with video recommendations.

Derek Gerard, mukbang

Do you ever watch mukbangs on YouTube? Who are your favorite mukbangers? Let us know in the comments!