Will Smith's "Dad Bod" Transformation Videos

Earlier this week, Will Smith made quite the splash in Hollywood as he dove into the world of social media with a picture of his dad bod. "I’m gonna be real wit yall - I’m in the worst shape of my life," the post's caption read alongside a photo of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor in an open windbreaker, short shorts, and house slippers. 


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According to Smith, he spent a little too much time chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool, and not enough time shooting some b-ball outside of the school during the COVID quarantine, and therefore, he gained a few pounds here and there. But who can blame him? His celebrity friends, that's who. 

The bottom of Smith's post revealed hilarious comments from some of Hollywood's biggest stars. Questlove called the post one of the best in social media history while Steve Aoki said, "Hahahhahahaha that face fits the caption so well." 

However, the comments only encouraged Smith. On May 4, while the world was celebrating the iconic Star Wars Day, Smith was making plans to hit the gym and stop getting jiggly with it. He posted again to Instagram, but this time it was a video in his underwear.


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Smith embraced his body and stated that his beautiful dad bod is what got him through an entire pandemic. However, he was ready to feel better and wanted to get in the best shape of his life. Smith announced he is teaming up with YouTube to get his health and fitness back on track. 

Although those were the only details Smith gave, the announcement suggests he is embarking on a fitness journey that will likely be documented by YouTube. The series might also give fans an intimate look into Smith's life as he showcases a quest that most of us are also on. 

As Smith starts his mission, fans have already shown him that he is not alone. Gym enthusiasts have slid into Smith's DMs to show him some crazy intense workouts he should attempt while on his fitness journey. 


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Well, at least the fans are trying. Let us know what you think about Smith's fitness journey in the comments. Are you also planning to hit the gym after the pandemic?