Ziggies in Denver sings "For Sale" blues.

Cheap drinks and a dose of hard-driving electric blues are always the best medicine for those "born under a bad sign," and now Ziggies has a bad sign of its own: "For Sale." Since 1964, Ziggies has been an oasis for Denver musicians and one of the only places you could hear guitars wail every night of the week, but that's likely to change. According to Ziggies' website, the club's owner informed patrons that their 10-year lease is coming due at the end of October and the current owner of the property is asking a seven-figure sum.

"They are asking $1,000,000 (yes $1 million) for the building, which I cannot justify coughing up, even if I had it!" says Ziggies owner Carla Jordan.

This Westword's Best of Denver 2017 -- Best Blues Bar, however, plans to keep the amps hot until October 31 -- or longer if the building hasn't sold and they can work out a month-to-month lease with the property owners. They also mentioned that they're thinking about moving the business, but the cost of real estate may prohibit them.

I am looking closely at my options, which include potentially moving Ziggies to a new location (which may be cost prohibitive), selling the entire Ziggies business (assets, licenses, etc.) to someone else, and/or offering to sell the business with the real estate building sale."

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However, the sale of Ziggies along with property is not likely. Developers in the area have already erected several luxury high-rises, and the property will probably follow suit.

"The thought of a bulldozer rolling over the space Ziggies is (since 1964) and Lou’s was (1952-1964) makes me literally sick to my stomach. Obviously, this is heartbreaking for me and a tough thing to swallow."

Following the news, the bar's Facebook page was flooded with support, gratitude, and praise from patrons and musicians.

"Carla Jordan has always provided the best sound and presentation of the art," says longtime Ziggies performer David Biondo, who will be playing with the Chaz DePaolo Band -- a 2016 Global Music Award winner -- on Sept 23 at 9 p.m. "We don't want it to be our last time at Ziggies, but we will play like it."

"We sit high above the perch looming in blues bliss, but when a venue dies a part of us dies with it," Biondo added.

As for Ziggies, let's pay homage to this Denver icon by getting out there and supporting live music!

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