It’s spring – the best time of year for goat yoga!

It sounds like something you’d see in a cute video on social media, baby goats running through a yoga class. But as it turns out, goat yoga is actually a thing. Imagined on a farm in Oregon, goat yoga has exploded in popularity. In fact, incorporating the precocious animals has actually brought newbies into the practice. Spring and early summer is the ideal time for goat yoga, when new babies are born and the weather is warmer. Here are three places around Maryland where you can try a class.

Yoga Love | Clarksville, Maryland

Yoga Love is a studio in Clarksville that offers yoga and personal training. Goat Yoga is a seasonal class that is held at the E & J Farm on Haviland Mill Road. Classes are $40, include light refreshments, and plenty of goat interaction! Yoga Love’s goat yoga classes take place on Sundays in May, visit their website for tickets.

Image Courtesy of Burst

Goat for the Soul | Frederick County, Maryland

Goat for the Soul hosts goat yoga at farms and vineyards in northcentral Maryland. Classes start at $25, and reservations are recommended due to the popularity. Several times a month, Goat for the Soul hosts a variety of classes that include wine and liquor tastings, mommy and me yoga, and the occasional Friday night BYOB wind-down. 

Breakaway Yoga Studio | Parkville, Maryland

Breakaway Yoga is a studio that hosts a variety of yoga classes, including hot and aerial yoga. Breakaway’s baby goat yoga incorporates Vinyasa with baby animals to create a relaxing and fun class for students of all levels. Breakaway also has a similar yoga class that uses cute adoptable dogs instead of goats! Individual classes start at $20, and monthly memberships are $70.

Have you tried goat yoga? Did you lose your mat or clothing to an overzealous goat?