Get a pen and some paper out, Ocean City lovers! Here are four fun events that'll spice up your future trip to Ocean City!

Ocean City will always go down in history as the place with the epic events; it's a memory maker! It has it all, from events centering around food and family to fishing competitions and festivals. So, if you're looking to plan a visit to this seaside paradise soon, here are some events that might excite you enough to jot them down on your trip itinerary!

First Friday Opening Reception for May Exhibits

[caption id="attachment_8963" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Courtesy of Art League of Ocean City MD (Facebook)[/caption] When: May 4 | 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Where: The Art League of Ocean City Contact Information: Visit the website or call 410-524-9433 Do you find yourself getting lost while looking at intricate brushstrokes, pops of color on canvases, or the crystal clear details in pictures? If that's you, head to the First Friday Opening Reception for May Exhibits! You'll get to peruse through exhibits of local artists' works, all while savoring small appetizers and refreshments. Also, visitors will luck out because this event comes at the low cost of nothing at all!

Ravens Beach Bash Tailgate Party

When: May 31 | 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Where: The Clarion Resort Fontainebleau Hotel Contact Information: Visit the website or call 410-524-3535 When football Sunday comes, do you don your purple and gold with pride? Then let me direct you to the Ravens Beach Bash Tailgate Party! You'll get to see the team's cheerleaders, alumni players, and the mascot. The fun doesn't end there, though. Enjoy classic tailgate food, live entertainment, and there's the potential to win a prize in one of the free giveaways!

Mako Mania Tournament

When: June 1-3 Where: Bahia Marina Contact Information: Visit the website or call 410-289-7438 Have you ever bragged about your biggest catch? Or are you always looking for a new fishing challenge? If so, maybe you should try your hand at the Mako Mania Tournament! The tournament involves fisherman going out and catching mako, thresher, and bluefish shark. Then, the fisherman head to Bahia Marina to have their catches weighed.

OC Air Show

[caption id="attachment_8964" align="aligncenter" width="820"] Courtesy of OC Air Show (Facebook)[/caption] When: June 16-17 Where: The Show Center on 16th Street Contact Information: Visit the website or call 410-289-2800/800-626-2326 Have you ever obsessed over model planes or been filled with wonder when you see planes zooming above you? Check out OC Air Show! Over two days, spectators can view air demonstrations -- one is even conducted by the famous U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds! And the fun doesn't stop there! Try your hand at flight simulators, interactive exhibits, and so much more! Hurry and get your tickets to get a front seat to experience all this aerial excitement! Have you ever been to any of these events before? If so, which one would you recommend to people? Are there any events listed above that you're interested in attending? Let us know your thoughts below!

Visit the Prigel Family Creamery on May 26 for Mystery Ice Cream Tasting and More!