It's do or diorama time!

Get out those boxes, crafters, the town of Occoquan wants to see what you can do with some marshmallows and a bit of imagination.

You can play it safe and go for an Easter theme, or pick from current events and celebrities for that trendy edge. Either way, you want to make sure and decorate that cardboard box within an inch of its life to get major bonus points.


To enter the annual diorama competition, come up with a unique concept and get your creative juices flowing. Each submission should be a free-standing display incorporating any of the treats from the Peeps family. While most people go with the traditional bunnies, you can use anything as long as it's technically a Peep. The deadline to enter the contest is March 25. Click here and complete the online form, then send pictures of your masterpiece. 

Judging occurs online, with visitors to the town's Facebook page weighing in on their favorites in each category: Individual, Family/Team, Youth, and Kids (under 12). You can also head down to Occoquan and see the displays for yourself. The waterfront town is charming and extremely easy to see from end to end. Stop in the shops, get a bite to eat, and take in some marshmallow creations.


The grand prize is $25 to spend at any of the town's small businesses, so competition will be fierce. You're going to have to come up with something good to win first place! For more information about this year's festivities, check out the event website

*Photos courtesy of the Town of Occoquan (via Facebook)

Will you be entering the Occoquan diorama competition this year? Are you going with a pandemic-related theme, or trying something a little less obvious? Let us know in the comments without giving away your whole design concept!