The skies over the Washington Monument will be full of graceful kites at the National Cherry Blossom Kite Festival on Saturday, March 28. Don't be left out!

UPDATED 3/11/20: This year's National Cherry Blossom Kite Festival has been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Sure, the National Cherry Blossom Kite Festival a great day to take pictures, but wouldn't you rather be running around with your own dancing kite? Here are five beautiful options, all available online to purchase now.

The festival is on Saturday, March 28, 2020, at the grounds of the Washington Monument, so order one soon!

Butterfly Kite

This timeless design will delight everyone who sees it. At just $13.85, it's a bargain! Its 53" wingspan will make it easy to spot no matter how high it goes. Purchase this one online here.

butterfly kite

Courtesy of Amazon

Flower Box Kite

Form and function come together beautifully in this intricate 42" box kite. Once assembled, it flies like a dream. Purchase online here.

flower kite

Courtesy of Amazon

Dragon Kite

This 55"x62" dragon kite will satisfy the warrior in your family. Once assembled, you'll love the way the tail is free-flowing in the air. Purchase online here.

dragon kite

Courtesy of Amazon

Macaw Kite

Check out this 61" macaw kite! Everyone will admire it as it swoops through the sky. Buy it online here.

macaw kite

Courtesy of Amazon

Rainbow Diamond Kite

The simplest style in the bunch, this classic design is just right for a beginner kite flyer. It is also the easiest to put together. Score! Purchase it here.

rainbow kite


Courtesy of The Kite Loft

Kite-Flying Etiquette 101

  • Always keep track of your kite in the sky, and don't fly too close to your neighbors.
  • If your little one has the spool, make sure they're watching where they're running. The Mall will be awash with kids and their kites that day!
  • Run away from crowds to bring your kite down. Don't risk hitting another spectator, and try to control the descent.

For more information about the National Cherry Blossom Kite Festival on March 28, visit the event website. You can also make a kite onsite or purchase one there, if needed.


Are you heading to the festival? Do you prefer to fly your own or just watch? Drop your photos or tell us about your plans in the comments below!