The one-week pop-up will be coming to Denver in September.

If you miss going to the movies, you're in luck, because a new option is coming, and it's going to be all sorts of awesome. Production company Beyond Cinema is bringing a movie-on-the-water experience to Denver.

The unique cinema pop-up will be in Denver for one week only, from September 2–6. The lineup of films is set to be a mix of both "golden oldies and new releases." Popcorn will be free and additional refreshments will be available to purchase. A location for the movie pop-up has not been announced yet.

Between 12 and 24 socially-distant mini boats that seat up to 8 will be available for purchase. The whole boat must be purchased to ensure that groups sit with friends and family and keep social distancing protocol on and off the water.

Beyond Cinema is bringing the floating cinema concept to several cities around the country this fall, including Los Angeles, California, Austin, Texas, Cleveland, Ohio, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as well as several more. 

Another floating cinema concept was recently held in Paris, France. The “Cinema on Water” was held in mid-July, treating Parisians to a show aboard a comfy boat. That event was a rousing success, and the upcoming events here in the United States are likely to be met with excitement. 

Pre-register now to be on the list to purchase tickets and get information about what movies will be screened, and learn which waterway in Denver where this floating boat cinema will be held. 

What do you think about the idea of a floating cinema here in Denver? What other unique locations would you want to see a movie? Perhaps an outdoor showing at the Garden of The Gods?Sound off in the comments.