A giant robotic jaguar, interactive immersions in empathy, installations and examples of how waste can be made into art, and more are taking over Denver.

There's always a lot going on in Denver, and the art scene here is no exception. This is a big week for art in Denver, and a big part of that is due to the Biennial of the Americas, which is bringing several installations to the city in celebration of hemispheric art. The theme this year is "Empathy in Action", and the influx of art to Denver started with the “A Mile in My Shoes” installation set up near Union Station a few months ago.

This week is the main event, and there's so much art to see and interact with, from September 24–28. We have the scoop right here on what’s happening around town to celebrate art and embrace the concept of empathy.

"A Mile in My Shoes"

Big shoe box

Courtesy of Biennial of the Americas (Facebook)

When: Through September 27, 10 a.m.–7 p.m. 
Where: 1550 Wewata Street, Trail Tracks Plaza

"A Mile in My Shoes" is open through September 27 in downtown Denver, sharing the stories and struggles of others, through a walk in their shoes. It's an immersive and multi-sensory experience, that gives a personal, powerful experience in empathy.

"South Body"

South Body art

Courtesy of Biennial of the Americas-South Body a performance by Carlos Martiel (Facebook)

When: Tuesday, September 24, 7–8: 30 p.m.
Where: Contemporary at Sterling Events, 1261 Delaware Street

On Tuesday, September 24, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., artist Carlos Martiel will perform for the first time in Denver. He has traveled the globe with his award-winning performance art. His work is how he shares his voice and brings light to issues of abuse of power and oppression. The work is minimalistic, intense, and raw, using the tension and his own body to give clarity to his message.

"Imperfect Isometry"

Imperfect Isometry

Courtesy of Denver Art Museum (Facebook)

When: September 24–29
Where: McNichols Civic Center Building

Artist Suchitra Mattai uses her woven tapestry art to show how our environments shape who we are, our personals stories, our ancestral history and our sense of home. "Home becomes a conceptual space for 'belonging', and as an American, Caribbean, South Asian from South America, the processes of migration, assimilation, and belonging are at the heart of this exploration." 

"I am going to _ _ _ _"

Adriana Ramirez

Courtesy of Biennial of the Americas

When: September 25–27, at various times throughout the event
Where: In front of the McNichols Civic Center Building

The artist behind this interactive exhibit wants the viewer to step out of the role of observer and become a part of the art. Columbian artist Adriana Ramirez wants to show the difference in perspective by showing the difference between saying, "I want to be_ _ _ _", and "I am going to _ _ _ _". The exhibit places orange circles all over with sentences on them with different ideas, qualities, provocations, etc. The artist encourages people to pick a sentence, declare it, share and feel what it means, begin a conversation about it, and then choose perhaps to share a picture with your social group.

"#28 Rubric"

28 Rubric

Courtesy of Biennial of the Americas

When: September 25–27
Where: McNichols Civic Center Building

Denver artist Brandon Bullard uses donated clothing from Arc thrift stores to create this ethereal space, showing how much clothing and other textiles go to waste or are discarded in a year. The eight-foot interactive structure resembles a Rubric's cube and is constructed of clothing woven together to create the space.



Courtesy of Denver Art Museum (Facebook)

When: September 28, 4–10 p.m.
Where: Civic Center Park- Cósmico Americas

The centerpiece of the event is a collaborative project by a collective of artists led by Leonardo Vilar and Catalina Pulino from Sonic Design Studios in Bogota, Columbia. The installation is an exhibit that's open to the public for exploration during the day installation, then transforms into a light-up installation, serving as a stage, all in the shape of a giant robotic jaguar. The project illustrates how art, technology, and education can build bridges between cultures across the world. "Its purpose is to raise awareness surrounding the vulnerability of the Amazon rainforest and specifically Colombia’s largest rainforest Chiribiquete."

"Digital Illustrations"

Catalina Estrada

Courtesy of CATALINA ESTRADA (Facebook)

When: September 28
Where: Civic Center Park

Columbian illustrator Catalina Estrada shares her colorful designs and chromatic technique that showcases the universe she has created with her colors and visual language. The work is cheerful and inspiring, intended to provoke happiness. The artist is known worldwide for her colorful and delicate images.

Whatever you are doing this week, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of all this art in Denver and enjoy the Biennial of the Americas. Intended to give us a glimpse into the world of others, sharing perspective and experience, all these exhibits will brighten the week and are a chance to take a break and step outside of all the business of life.   

Have you heard of all this art that is popping up in Denver this week? What do you think of the giant robotic jaguar? What installation do you want to see? Share your thoughts and pictures with us in the comments.