Spend the evening with Todd Davis and the A+ Living Foundation.

A night at Sierra with Broncos linebacker Todd Davis and a few of his teammates, sipping on margaritas, and enjoying American wood-fired delights? Sounds like the perfect way to kick off the weekend! 

On November 1, Davis and the A+ Living Foundation will be hosting a private event where guests will learn more about A+ Living (501c3), enjoy Sierra's elevated, wood-fired classics, sip on carefully crafted drinks, and of course, have the opportunity to mingle with Davis. 

Founded by Davis in 2014, A+ Living is a 501c3 nonprofit that's focused on empowering tomorrow's leaders by getting A.A.M.P'd—Academics, Athletics, Motivation, and Social Participation. The goal is straightforward, to help make our world better by awakening every child's greatness. Or in other words, help the leaders of tomorrow get A.A.M.P.'d to maintain the A+ life and inspire those around them.

Currently, the nonprofit runs programs for underserved youth who live in at-risk communities in Denver and in Todd's home town of Palmdale, California. There, they provide access to valuable support services like tutoring, life-coaching, a community closet, and motivational programs that help these youth realize their own self-worth, as well as their potential.  

"There's a quote that says, every day you're either getting better or you're getting worse. You never stay the same. And I really like that quote because it teaches you to strive to get better, every day, and that's what I've been trying to do," said Davis after recieveing a key to the city of Lancaster, California, his home town. 

And it shows. Not only does the Team Captain have a ring to show for it, but he has also been the recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award—an annual award that recognizes select players for their sportsmanship, courage, and ability to inspire others. 

See? With Davis, greatness is contageous.

As for the big dream in the works? We don't want to spoil it, you'll just have to join Todd for dinner. Tickets can be purchased here.