People of the world, spice up your brunch!

If you say what you want, what you really, really want is brunch and 90s nostalgia, then mark your calendars and say you'll be there. The Ultimate Spice Girls-Themed Brunch announced its plans to launch in Denver this November.

The girl power, mimosa-packed brunch was previously hosted last spring in London by Secret London, a culture and lifestyle British website, and its publisher, Fever. The themed brunch must have gotten positive reviews because, since March, they have decided to bring the event to the states. It was recently announced the Spice Girls brunch would make its way to Los Angeles, although, the date and location have not yet been specified.

Spice Up your Brunch

Courtesy of Secret London (Facebook)

It's fair to say this won't be an ordinary brunch with just a Spice Girls soundtrack. Previous events have featured lip sync battles, Spice Girls trivia, and prizes for best-dressed guests. There are also extra points for those who can bring four other friends and dress up as the whole gang.

Each ticket includes a brunch buffet and juice with a chance of a boozy upgrade. Would it be too much to ask that every cocktail is themed after each girl? Or is too much of something bad enough?

The date and location for the Denver brunch have not yet been determined, but as the month approaches, the details will be revealed. Any wannabe brunch attendants can sign up now for the early bird tickets here. If you want to make sure you don't miss out, stop right now (thank you very much) and sign up.