This is Colorado. Even a pandemic won't deter us from paying tribute to the God of Snow. 

A lot of things have been canceled in 2020, including some traditional festivals that we all miss. However, in true Colorado fashion, appealing to the snow gods is still on the schedule.

The annual Ullr Fest in Breckenridge is generally a jolly time of games, beverages, and celebration in tribute to Ullr, the Norse God of Snow. It also ushers in the winter season in a community way that brings in both locals and tourists together over fun events, like a parade and the shot ski, where people line up along Main Street to beat the longest shot ski record. 

Because of its importance to the community, Ullr Fest is still being held this year from December 9-19. It will have a few changes, but will still pack all the fun of the much-loved celebration.

Some of the differences this year pertain to the usual crowd-gathering events, like the parade and the shot ski record attempt. But, the festival is working to replace the canceled events with ones that keep the spirit over Ullr alive in a safe way.

For example, the parade won't be held the same as the other years; instead, the floats will be turned into stationary art installations that will be set up throughout town. In addition, a shot ski replacement is in the works, possibly involving a giant Breckenridge bourbon shot party on social media. There are several more events on the schedule that can provide a party for the whole crew. 

"The new Ten Days of ULLR happening December 9 – 19, 2020 is expected to invigorate the winter spirit in everyone," says the website. "This year’s event will pay homage to Ullr with static open-air art installations throughout town, a town-wide adventure race scavenger hunt sure to test any snow worshiper’s merit, the Breckenridge Distillery virtual ShotSki, a Breck Film winter film series screening, Strava-based fat bike races, BreckCreate Ullr helmet making kits and more!"

You can stay up on details of the Ullr Fest events and Breckenridge Distillery’s Instagram page.