Don't have Halloween plans? You do now. 

Everybody’s hero and overall master of badassery, Bruce Campbell, is coming to Denver. For fans, the reason doesn’t really matter because Ash is going to be in the house!

But, if you want to know his purpose for visiting the Mile High City, it’s all about the trivia.

Campbell will host Last Fan Standing, a live trivia show with a twist, on October 31 at the Oriental Theater. The brainchild of Campbell himself, this trivia event is basically a geek’s dream come true.

The interactive trivia quest was built from four primary pillars of content, which include fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and superheroes.

“Not your average quiz show or trivia contest, Last Fan Standing tests your knowledge about the things that really matter. Brought to life through a dynamic and entertaining live event, Last Fan Standing is the ultimate test of pop culture and fandom,” the Last Fan Standing’s site says.

Everyone in the audience gets the chance to play along and qualify to be on stage to be the ultimate winner. You will get a clicker and will compete to be the fastest to answer the questions correctly. If you are among the top, you make it to the Podium Rounds where you will compete in a battle royale to be the Last Fan Standing.

And of course, it’s all hosted by Campbell himself who brings his trademark sharp, self-deprecating humor to the game. If that’s not the grooviest way to spend Halloween, I don’t know what is!

What: Last Fan Standing
When: October 31
Where: Oriental Theater, 335 W 44th Ave., Denver
More Info and Tickets

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