Good news! Build-A-Bear's Pay Your Age is back! Bad news? There are rules.

Last year, Build-A-Bear introduced an event that got everyone so excited. The Pay-Your-Age event was a promotion where anyone could come in and make an animal and only pay your age. Trust us, we were pretty excited about this last year, too! If you had a nine-year-old, you only paid $9. If you had a two-year-old, you only paid $2.

Even adults took advantage of the event because the max amount anyone would ever pay was only $29.

teddy bear gift box

Kids of all ages will be making new friends this June. (Courtesy of Pexels)

Unfortunately, the event quickly turned chaotic due to long lines. Not long lines to the bathroom long, lines wrapped around the mall long. Lines so long that some stores closed down out of safety concerns for the customers. Although some customers had a positive experience with the staff, the massive response cut the event short.

A year has passed since then, and many wondered if Build-A-Bear would do the promotion again. And good news, they are! Pay Your Age is back, but this time there are more limits to ensure the safety of staff and the customers.

So what’s different? It's no longer a ‘free-for-all,’ and the number of people who can take advantage of the promotion is limited to 200,000. In order to enter, you must become a Bonus Club Member (which is free!) and fill out a birthday profile. Deadline to enter is Sunday, June 16 11:59 p.m. (ET).

From there, winners will receive a three-day window to grab their new furry friend, either June 24-26 or June 26-28. All information will be printed on the ticket. Prices are the same as the year before and, of course, you may get ANY Build-a-Bear for the promotion. You can find out more information and rules on the official website here.

Will you make a new friend soon? Share pictures with us!