The Cezanne Portraits Exhibit opened March 25 at the National Gallery. Considered a “once-in-a-lifetime” exhibit, D.C. is just one of three cities in the world that has hosted the show.

More than 50 portraits by the French Post-Impressionist master painter Paul Cezanne are being shown together for the first time as part of the Cezanne Portraits Exhibit at the District’s National Gallery of Art, which has become one of just three museums in the world to have hosted the show. Arranged by the National Portrait Gallery of London, the D.C. showing of the exhibit started on March 25 and will go through July 1. [caption id="attachment_8130" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Cezanne Portraits Courtesy of the National Gallery[/caption]
The show is devoted specifically to the portraits painted by Cezanne, both of himself and others, many of which have never before been exhibited in the United States. The 60-some odd paintings explore and encapsulate Cezanne’s development of his painting and artistic style; Cezanne Portraits includes a little more than a quarter of the 200 portraits the artist painted during his entire career as an artist. An enormously important figure in art history, Cezanne’s work is credited with bridging 19th century impressionism and Cubism of the 20th century.  Even the artist Pablo Picasso, whose paintings have sold for as much as $104 million, considered Cezanne “the father of us (painters) all” while the artist’s own output is highly sought after and rarely displayed in single exhibitions. [caption id="attachment_8129" align="aligncenter" width="608"]Cezanne Portraits Courtesy of the National Gallery[/caption] When Cezanne Portraits was shown in the UK last year, many considered it England’s exhibit of the year. As the portraits have been drawn from collections from all over the world, an exhibit such as Cezanne Portraits is unlikely to be shown again in the lifespans of many, if not all, art fans. The National Gallery’s exhibit is free to attend. Click here for more info! Do you plan to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Are you a fan of Cezanne? Tell us in the comments below!

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