The National Building Museum is one of the coolest museums in Washington, D.C. Its new exhibit “Making Room: Housing for a Changing America” is worth checking out!

Times have changed. Americans no longer live in traditional suburban homes as much as we did in the 20th century. And our families (or non-families) are different as well. Starting November 18 and running through September of next year, The National Building Museum will be taking a closer look at this phenomenon. WHEN: November 18, 2017–September 16, 2018 WHERE: The National Building Museum | 401 F Street NW, Washington, D.C., 20001 COST: While the museum's Great Hall is free, the exhibit costs $10 per adult (senior and student discounts available). Ticket purchase information here. National Building Museum According to the exhibit,
Today, nuclear families account for 20 percent of America’s households, while nearly 30 percent are single adults living alone, a growing phenomenon across all ages and incomes. Supply, however, has been slow to meet the demands of this burgeoning market — or to respond to the needs of our increasingly varied mix of living arrangements: from roommates to single-parent, extended, and fluid families. Innovation has been constrained, often by deeply-rooted zoning regulations.”
"Making Room" will look at the creative ways people have started to innovate their living spaces. It will feature and discuss models of tiny houses, micro-units, and co-living setups. There will also be a presentation of The Open House, a “hyper-efficient layout, movable walls, and multifunctional furniture, allowing the space to meet the needs of a variety of today’s growing but underserved households.”
Several programs will take place throughout the next year that will take an in-depth look at more specific topics as well. Those can be found at the bottom of the page here. If you live in Washington, D.C., especially within the city itself, you’re certainly familiar with small living spaces. And in order to function in a small apartment or room, it’s important to make the most of what we’ve got to work with. It’s a lifestyle that continues to increase in popularity, and this exhibit is informative on the history and the reasons behind the changes, offering ideas on how to adjust and move forward. Plus, if you’ve got any interest in design, urbanization, city planning, or architecture, it’s also just fascinating to learn about! National Building Museum For more information about the exhibit, you can visit the exhibit page on The National Building Museum’s website here. And if you’re interested in seeing what other exhibits and features the museum has to offer, go to their current exhibition list here. There’s also a great calendar of events worth checking out! Have you been to The National Building Museum before? What exhibit struck your interest? Are you planning on checking out the “Making Room: Housing for a Changing America” exhibit? Let us know in the comments below!

If you think housing is bad, just remember the terrible D.C. commute.