This is pretty much the most Colorado-mountain-town thing to do in December.

Raise a flagon of beer, or three, to Norse god of snow and ski, Ullr! Breckenridge is hosting its 57th annual Ullr Fest on December 11-15, and you're invited to join the festivities.

Ullr Fest is Breck's homage to snow and winter, among the most important parts of the town's economic success and culture. 

"Join us for the biggest bonfire in town and more than 12,000 Ullr enthusiasts filling the streets for the Ullr Parade with crazy float participants skiing off jumps on Main Street or gliding along town in a hot tub. Pray for snow with us and Ullr himself… he’s ready for a good party," said

Basically, it's a giant party in Breckenridge, and guaranteed a good time.

"Day of Ullr, spirits are high, and I'm not talking about what's just in your glass, I'm talking about what's in your hearts, too," said Jessica Brossman, Breckenridge Distillery. Check out more about the event in the video below provided by!

The festival was started by some of Breck's earliest ski instructors who hailed from Scandinavia. It grew from a handful of people to know welcoming thousands of residents from throughout the state to join in the fun.

Some of the highlights of Ullr Fest include the World's Longest Shotski unofficial world record-breaking attempt on Thursday, December 12, which will bring 1,300 volunteers together to toast to Ullr and down some booze! Register now because Colorado is not lacking in people who love their shots almost as much as they love rising to a good challenge. Right after the shotski-record attempt, the parade will make its way down Main Street. It's a spectacle not to be missed!

From there, you can head over to the ultimate homage to Ullr, the town bonfire of epic proportions that will be fueled by old Christmas trees and accompanied by entertainment. While Thursday is the big Ullr day, there are tons of the other events through the Fest's run, including the Ullr Ice Plunge on Friday, Dec. 13. It's the truest way to prove you are worthy of Ullr's snow gifts. 

While the booze will certainly be flowing to keep you warm, the event is really just a lot of fun for all ages. So grab your Viking helmet and head up to the high country for a fun, festive, and probably pretty wild way to welcome the snow season!

Learn more about Breckenridge's Ullr Fest and all it has to offer on the website